Out of the Abyss: Complete Map Bundle

OotA Map Bundle Cover.jpg
OotA Map Bundle Cover.jpg

Out of the Abyss: Complete Map Bundle


Here is the complete set of all twelve of the encounter maps featured in the 5E Out of the Abyss Adventure in one bundle! 

Included in this Bundle:



Grackltugh Tunnels

Hook Horror Lair

Mantol Derrith

Neverlight Grove

Oozing Temple


The Lost Tomb

Troglodyte Lair


Worm Nursery

Each ZIP file contains both a  a DM and Player's Version, each of which is Revised with the latest updates/corrections, and more color corrected and vibrant. These files are excellent for VTT or for print.

Adventure in Faerun today!

Copyright Wizards of the Coast, Artwork by Jared Blando.

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