Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Complete Map Bundle

HotDQ Map Bundle Cover.jpg
HotDQ Map Bundle Cover.jpg

Hoard of the Dragon Queen: Complete Map Bundle


At long last, here is The Complete Set of all 13 Horde of the Dragon Queen Encounter/Campaign Maps in one bundle! This saves the buyer 8.50$.

The Complete Set includes:

The Sword Coast Campaign Map

Carnath Roadhouse

Castle Naerytar: Dungeon

Castle Naerytar: Ground Level

Castle Naerytar: Upper Level 2

Castle Naerytar: Upper Level 3

The Dragon Hatchery


Hunting Lodge: Ground Floor

Hunting Lodge: Upper Floor

Parnast VIllage

Raider Camp

Skyreach Castle

Each ZIP file contains both a  a DM and Player's Version, aside from the Sword Coast Map which is the standard labeled version. Adventure in Faerun today!

Copyright Wizards of the Coast, Artwork by Jared Blando.


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